Digital Strips Episode 499.5: Almost The Big One

The big one is just aheadBefore we get to the big kahuna, it’s time to show off some news and comics. Jason is stoked that Kris Straub’s Broodhollow is coming back (thanks for Patreon backers), Steve found a series of tabletop RPG tropes we could all stand to learn from in The Handbook of Heroes, and Shen produces another gem with a recent Owlturd strip.


0 thoughts on “Digital Strips Episode 499.5: Almost The Big One

  1. Looking forward to the Big One, guys! Also looking forward to Broodhollow making it’s return; Shen is kinda ridiculously productive, too: was looking at the time-travel strip he has on Webtoons (Live with Yourself) for one of our articles a few weeks back. The man can work, that’s for sure!

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