Digital Strips Episode 480: Terence, Meet Joe

Batman: The Long Halloween, issue 13 of 13Welcome back to the podcast that makes all your dreams come true, even if you want to be a magical Japanese schoolgirl! The guys are reminiscing about Multiplex and pondering its bright future, while also looking at new comic, Apricot Cookies. It’s weird, it’s funny, and it rarely takes itself seriously. Check out all of these comics and more, there’s so much to read and so little time!


1 thought on “Digital Strips Episode 480: Terence, Meet Joe

  1. Well, now I feel like a rockstar! Thanks for the kind words guys, glad you’re enjoying the posts – I was also first introduced to the likes of Abby Howard (and the others) through Strip Search, but only really kept following her comic after the competition. I found it really surprising who was still making webcomics and who wasn’t when I started looking into it!
    Didn’t realise Multiplex was still running, either… guess there’s an archive binge in store for the near future 😛

    Kind regards,
    Joe Average

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