Episode 397: A Big, Fun, Stinkin’ Ball of Trope (Review feat. Demon Archives)

Terry Pratchett's DiscworldSteve has read some Terry Pratchett, while Jason has not, but they agree that it’s well worth investing yourself in. There’s also talk about Brainchild, Dr. Cat, M.D., and Demon Archives. Prepare for the apocalypse! Then, just … wait, I guess? Enjoy your coma!

The midshow music is provided by Rob Gasser.


2 thoughts on “Episode 397: A Big, Fun, Stinkin’ Ball of Trope (Review feat. Demon Archives)

  1. Wow, I think this may be one of the first (if not THE first) review that I’ve received without asking for it! Unless I asked for it and just don’t remember 😀

    First off, thanks for taking the time to talk about The Demon Archives. I really appreciate it, and am glad that as a whole you enjoyed it. I can wish that you had spent more time talking about what you enjoyed rather than what you didn’t, but that’s just me speaking as the self-interested creator 😉

    You gave some good feedback about some of our weaknesses, especially my dialogue in Chapter 1. Gosh, I wrote that over 2 years ago now! Almost 3 years! Hopefully it has improved since then.

    I know Seba’s art has too. In fact, the guest art you liked (the almost Samurai Jack style one?) was actually by Seba playing with a different style 🙂

    I had to laugh a little when you complained about tropes but then wanted me to use a “post-apocalyptic warrior” trope as a shortcut in the beginning 😉 In general, I try not to assume that readers are familiar with the genre enough that I can just use tropes. That, and there are only so many ways to tell a unique story. I’m sure almost every element in mine has been used somewhere else. Hopefully you’ll feel that what I’m doing with it brings something unique to the table.

    Anyways, some of your other thoughts will become clearer with time. Everything that has happened so far would just be like the opening 20 minutes of action movie. The rest of the plot, delving deeper into the world (you did catch that this is a story 100 years AFTER, not during the apocalypse, right?), etc, is still to come. And I’m writing the story with that end goal in mind, of a reader sitting down with the complete story to read in one go. Some elements that seem out of place now will make more sense as a complete work.

    Thanks again for the review! I hope to hear what you think about upcoming chapters 🙂

  2. And it’s that whole work that I’m really interested in reading, Daniel! Updating regularly, page-by-page, on the web can be a blessing and curse, but it’s good to hear you’re considering that difference in your work while also not sacrificing the storytelling. Thanks for listening and good luck with building the future of The Demon Archives!

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