Episode 341: We Missed This (Did You?)


Whatcha Been Readin’/Whatcha Thinkin’ About


The First Midshow Break

Of course, when we don’t have a conversation for two months, the first one back is going to be about poop and movies. This remix from Mega Man X4 by BONKERS gets us through it.

The Second Midshow Break

Shortly after our first conversation, the second invovles genetalia. Some things never change. Nothing goes better with that topic than a piece from Pokemon Crystal Version by PROTO-DOME.


All this, plus!

  • Steve’s worst intro ever?
  • What’s Jason been up to? Not showing people his wang.
  • The glorious world of barriers to entry
  • Jason goes to Kansas, eats Mexican food at a gas station
  • Not to be outdone, Steve eats at a trailer park-only restaurant
  • Discussions of podcast siren etiquette
  • How much dog doo do you think is in YOUR leaf pile?

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