Digital Strips Podcast 330 – All The Way Back in 19xx (review feat. The Adventures of the 19xx)

Two buttons: Dive and Kick

Whatcha Been Readin’

The News


The Midshow Break (in honor of EVO 2013, Steve’s religious holiday)

The Feature

All this, plus!

  • Seriously, our contact information is RIGHT THERE
  • Don’t play God
  • Monster brand Ramen
  • Madlibs are fun most anywhere!
  • Digital Strips new show: Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Porn RSS feeds are way, way, WAY too easy to find
  • Jason’s co-worker does his job for him

2 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 330 – All The Way Back in 19xx (review feat. The Adventures of the 19xx)

  1. Hi there. I don’t know if you guys ever discussed this on previous podcasts, but which rss reader each of you use? The reader I use is not really good for webcomics and it really annoys me that most webcomics don’t have a “save” function that let you pick up where you left off. The primary reason that I usually stop reading a particular webcomic is simply because it’s too much work to figure out where I stopped. Thanks and I love the podcast!

  2. Thanks for writing, ggab! For my RSS needs, Feedly does a great job, though not necessarily in the way you’re needing. A few comics have added save and continue features into their archives, but not enough to make it a blanket solution (at least, not yet). The only comic I come back to at a later time is the one we’re currently looking at for Book Club episodes, otherwise I either keep up with it in RSS or I don’t.

    I suppose if I knew I was going to leave something behind but return to it again someday, I might include a link to the last update I read in a Drive doc, so I’d have it to reference when I was ready to pick the story back up. That’s not a horrible idea, as I’ve tried to do so with many comics we’ve reviewed only to find I have no idea where I left off.

    Thanks again for listening and let us know if you come across a better solution!

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