Digital Strips Podcast 292 – Review – Little League

Most of my friends and coworkers know that I do this show. Generally they just let me go on living my strange man-child life and leave me be. Once in a while they’re ask for recommendation on what they should read. Once it a great while, they’ll have a recommendation for me. And exactly one time, they’ve suggested something so great that I couldn’t wait to do a show about it.

This is that one time.

This week we’re taking a look at Little League by Yale Steward. While the concept of young superheroes trying to make their way on the playground is nothing new, Jason and I both agree that the concept is handled here with such grace and respect for the source material that it actually feels brand new. And since I spent most of these formidable years running around the big toy pretending to be Batman, it only makes sense that Batman would to (because running around pretending to be me would be lame).

I also indulge on one of my most hate-filled rants, and with the poison still dripping off my maligned tongue, Jason steps in to say the day, like the true wanna be hero he is.

All this and the occult secret to getting free Whoppers, on the latest episode of Digital Strips.

Show Notes:
Prequeal 7:00
Street Figther Comics 9:45
Skull Kickers 10:00
Sailor Twain 10:30
Lovecraft is Missing 10:30
Nightmare Prowestling 10:45
Realm of Atland/Beserkers Daughter 11:15
Rock Manly Fist 12:00
SuperFogeys 19:45
Tiny Titans 23:45


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