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If you need THE highest webcomics authority with regards to the entire lyrical composition of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme as well as the answer to the group what performed Funkytown, then you’ve come to the right podcast! As a bonus for our paid members, we also run down a webcomic news item or two and take a look at a comic.

Ok, since you refuse to pay for it, we talked about some comics …

… and took a brief look at the possible kerfuffle forming on account of Seth MacFarlane’s new talking teddy bear vehicle, Ted, looking and feeling an awful lot like Lucas Turnbloom’s imaginary but still incredibly lewd and crude teddy bear tale, Imagine This (10:42).

Our halftime break conversation about poo (shocker, I know) is accopanied by the frenzied sounds of DaMonz’s Star King (16:13), remixing a classic Star Fox track with bits and pieces from within the game. If you didn’t know, a lot of our break music comes from the fines, hard-working creatives posting their stuff at Overclocked Remix. You are highly encouraged to scope all the wicked remixes based on your favorite video game franchises.

It is with great pleasure and privilege that we are able to bring you another of Tauhid Bondia’s works. Previously, we looked at Goodship Chronicles (23:18, show linked here), and this time, we run through another space-faring adventure, but this time, with a sweet twist.

This comic, featuring the brave, Han Solo-esque Tripp Rougestar, is a Choose Your Own Adventure-type (trademark?) story where you determine what happens to our dashing hero. Want to toss a grenade out of the ship’s hatch, trying to catch the bad guys unawares? Or would you rather send your shrimpy, frumpy sidekick out to clean things up? You make the decisions! And, if you’re like me, you can go back and start over if things don’t work out!

Also, Steve had never heard of “Mark Wahlberg Talk To Animals.” Shame on you if you haven’t, either.


4 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 288 – Review – Epicsplosion

  1. Mr. Fist: Brofist acknowledged and returned. *boom*

    Mike: It is kinda a cool little thing that I hope more comics try. It’s so perfect for the web.

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