Digital Strips Podcast 281 – Review – Anyone For Rhubarb?

Just to rub my superiority in the faces of any kids out there, ‘Haha, I’m an adult, which means I make my own decisions in life which mean I just had chocolate cake for breakfast and there’s no one to stop me. Well, no one but my wife. And my doctor I guess. And my grandma who gave me a biological chance to develop diabetes later in life…’ You know what, being an adult isn’t as much fun as I was hoping.

Speaking of things that I hope are fun, this week’s comic, the gag-a-day weirdness that is Anyone for Rhubarb? is not quite what I thought it would be, but is still more fun that it has any right to be. We take on it’s major, recent improvements and bizarre art style. This leads up into a small discussion on humor, and how best to develop it and why most single panel comics fail.

We also talk about 80s movies that I haven’t seen, nursery rhymes, Randy Johnson and curse words. All this an more on episode 281… of Digital Strips.

Show Notes:
Perfect Strangers Game 5:00
PVP 7:45
Amazing Super Powers 9:00
Optipess 9:30
HateFarm 9:30
Girls With Slingshots 12:00
DiceBox 12:45
Deliah Dirk 14:00

The song in the middle was ‘PsychoUnderpants‘ by djpreztel

Faraday the Blob 19:30
Minimumble 22:00
Bug 26:00


14 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 281 – Review – Anyone For Rhubarb?

  1. GWS would be an awesome sitcom… Just not on any network that exists…
    Dicebox… I think it’s best as a stage play πŸ˜€

  2. My favorites:

    I love how ambiguous it is:
    What is the relationship between these two characters? Where are they even? Nothing explicit is stated, so you read in your own experience. At first I assumed they were co-workers, but by the end of it I was pretty sure they were father/son

    Turtle of wisdom as a metaphor for Google? (Or Ask Jeeves?)

  3. I found y’all on Stitcher by typing in “Webcomic”. I am exceedingly pleased that your show exists, and I am working my way back through the episodes. Do either of you have a webcomic yourselves? I heard one of you, I think the Midnight Cartoonist Dude, mention that something was “almost exactly like a strip I used to do”. If it still exists somewhere in the teeming wilds of the Internet, I’d love to see it πŸ™‚

  4. Holy unexpected number of comments. Thanks guys.

    Robin: yeah, most people keep their shoes on in the house around here. Not sure why, just always been that way. Growing up, we would try not to play at the houses of kids who’s mom cared more about her carpet then about our shame for not having matching socks.

    And Dicebox might as well be a play already.

    Mr Fist. I’m glad we’re the top search result on Sticher. I haven’t used this service before but now that I know they only put the best first I’m checking it out. it looks like I may never feel lonely again.

    As for Jason’s comic it was call “Amazing Super Zeroes.” He not longer updates it and the Google search for it I just did didn’t show it too me so I’ll let him get back to you on where the archive is. I’m perpetually thinking that I should start my own comic but it turns out I’m a big chicken.

  5. Ahh, google+. The greatest social networking platform forged by man. So wondrous in intimidates our species on the unconscious level, so only the brave dare use it. I am not pals with the dude on there anyway, but thanks, Robin. Y’all should just talk about the strips on the next ep or something πŸ™‚

    I getcha on the chicken thing, dude. I’ve been hammering away at my strip since, like, January, and the net result of submitting it to sites like Reddit is like demanding that strangers kick me in the testicles. It’s a bummer, but the EverForward! kinda where I’m trynna live as far as the strip goes.

    Anyway, your podcast is entertaining. Keep it up πŸ™‚

  6. Is Google+ really all that great? I’ve been putting it off since I’ve already used facebook to see if all the girls I liked in highschool are still hot or not so it’s kinda fallen out of favor with me.

    Thanks for the kind words about the podcast, we do intend to more certainly keep it up. In fact, I gotta get ready to record the next episode.

  7. Google plus is awesome, at least by my reckoning. They just released a mobile app for it that looks like it’s from the future.

    I remain a facebook dude only because it’s where everyone is. Google plus is like piloting a hyperdrive-enabled starship all alone…facebook is like being broke down on the side of the road in a pinto, but alla your friends are there so you at least have someone to talk to. Your aunts are there spamming you with crap about angels too, but you get what I’m saying.

  8. The newest iphone app for Google Plus is amazing. It actually makes it fun to scroll through the stories.
    Speaking of Iphones and such, I’m really have a great change in the way I look at webcomics since my wife got an ipad. I don’t have one myself yet, but those rare occasions I rest it from her reading longform comics online is a dream. I largely read strip comics both out of habit and they scan poorly on an iphone.
    Have you had similar experiences?

  9. I’m on an ipad currently. I agree, it’s excellent for reading webcomics, even with the device’s little quirks.

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