Digital Strips Podcast 262 – Review – Three Word Phrase (Sometimes You Must Sound Douchey)

This show is going out to everyone who thought we were too gushy or well spoken in the last episode. This week we’re mean and can’t seem to make a sentence worth saying. It still makes for good listening though, just for different reasons.

This week we’re taking a look a Three Word Phrase by Ryan Pequin. Specifically, but more in general, we’re digging into the very nature of humor and what makes us laugh. Jason and I go deep into what makes this sub-genre of comics, those based solely on non-sequiturs work and why it works so much more for some people than it does for us.

We talk about how humor is different for different people, and how that affects things. We talk about the quickfire nature of today’s society and the effect that it has on jokes. We talk about poop jokes.

It’s a very special episode, that’s for sure, but it’s got plenty of our usual commentary of the world of webcomics in general and on each other’s hygiene habits.

We also mention the following:

Hijinks Ensure – 5:15
XKCD – 6:15
PVP – 7:00
Edmund Finney – 8:15
League of Super Redundant Heroes – 8:30
Happle Tea (I should have said Two Guys and Guy though, I was confused, sorry) – 8:45
SMBC, KC Green, Medium Large, Kate Beaton – 15:45
Achewood 19:30
Pictures for Sad Children – 25:45

Our middle music was Digital Memories by LukHash.


1 thought on “Digital Strips Podcast 262 – Review – Three Word Phrase (Sometimes You Must Sound Douchey)

  1. I came here to say that I don’t like Three Word Phrase that much either, nor Ryan Pequin’s frequent Twitter sulkings, but the podcast is too boring that I couldn’t make it through to the part where you pay him out.

    Afraid I can’t give you any higher than a C-. See me after class.

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