Digital Strips 233 – Review : Billy the Dunce

I’m back cool guys and girls and bring with my the 233rd episode of Digital Strips (now the question is, what did you get me?).

We waste no time (well no more than usual) as we get right back into the swing of things reviewing a comic that brings much comicness to the table. I’ve been holding back waves of web comics criticism for the last month and I and just aching to get it out. Billy the Dunce by Jason Week is the first comic to step up to the torrential downpour of opinion that wells up side me. Is it comic enough to stand up to the task? Listen and find out.

Oh and I guess Jason is in this one too. Proving he knows way too much about Full House.

Show Notes (now with time stamps)

News Section

Bun bun – 6:13
Oatmeal – 6:26
Not Invented Here – 6:39
Kate Beaton – 7:00
Perry Bible Fellowship – 7:04
Strewth – 7:10
BattlePug – 7:22

This Weeks middle song id
Frets of Fury by Vertrexguy

Review starts at 14:00
ChickenHare 16:03
Hereville , Pigtails and Potbellies, Bean, Snowflakes 16:45
Faraday the Blob – 17:15
Looking for Group – 17:45
Imagine This – 23:00
Sinfest – 28:15


2 thoughts on “Digital Strips 233 – Review : Billy the Dunce

  1. You know, I didn’t think of that one at the time, but yeah, story wise it does have a bit of GC vibe.

    Good catch Robin.

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