Digital Strips 222 – Review: ChickenHare

I have survived enough yummy stuffing to clog all my arteries with bread, sudden snow storms and 3 days with my family and I have done it all to bring you guys the latest episode of Digital Strips. Today the comic sacrificed to the gods of podcastery is Chickenhare, by Chris Grine. It’s a fantasy adventure tale without orcs, and it’s good, so how often does that happen? (Quite often actually, thanks to the magic of Web comics, but I still like to make a big deal out of it in case the video game industry is listening).

We talk about this comic, the fact that most of it cannot be found online, the transition to color, the characters, the dialogue and everything else that tickles our fancy. We take a look at some new comics and some classics that are pushing into new areas. And we do it all as quickly as possible, because Jason had the sniffles.

One of the shorter shows recently, so you’ve not no reason not to listen.

Show Notes:
Order of the Stick
Questionable Content
Imagine this
Pie Comic
Dracula vs King Arthur
Web comic factory
Rice Boy


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