Digital Strips 220 – Review: Super Normal Step

I hope you like the old-school Digital Strips, because that’s how this episode is gonna roll.

There is a definite streak of disagreement running through this podcast. Jason and I could not seem to find any common ground and you, the good listeners get to reap the benefits.

We set our sites on Super Normal Step, the type of long form, page-based story strip we haven’t hit for a while. It’s full of action, adventure and smart-mouth fuzzy bunnies. Rather than settle into our normal routine of discussing the art and writing in a structured and civilized fashion we spend most of our time arguing our main thesis of whether or not the comic is good and refer back to these aspects as we go. It’s sort of different format and I’m curious what you guys thought, so please let us know.

Also as always we’re eagerly awaiting comments and emails so keep those coming.

Show Notes
Full Frontal Nerdity
Our Valued Customers
The Meek
Not Mad
The Dish
Web comics Beacon


2 thoughts on “Digital Strips 220 – Review: Super Normal Step

  1. Okay, I just want to make one thing clear:

    The Vampires accents TOTALLY made this comic more awesome.

    I’m sorry. But your podcast contains lies.

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