Digital Strips 214 – Review : Bug

When I was a kid, I went through a phase where I would eat Junebugs for a quarter each. My teachers blamed my parents for not raising me right. My parent blamed the school lunch system for eliminating my gag reflex. But really, I just had no money, and needed a way to get quarters for Street Fighter.

Speaking of bugs, today we take a look at Bug, a comic that is (sort of) about bugs. This daily has a lot of slice of life humor that human and insects alike can all related to. It has punchy writing and just a big of attitude. But does it have class? Does touch me in all the right places? Does it bring the rain? Tune in to find out.

Jason and I are both big fans of the Film Sack podcast, a show where they talk about odd movies. They have a saying on the show that the more off topic they get, the more they hate the movie. We strayed off Bug a couple times here, but since we’re not Film Sack, it doesn’t mean the same thing. I’m not even sure why I brought it up.

Show Notes:
Anagram maker
Penny Arcade
Bear and Tiger

There may have been more that I forgot, please let me know.


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