Digital Strips 212 – Review: Hello with Cheese

I am not a smart man. There are, however, a few universal truths that I know for a fact. Every who drives faster than me is an idiot. If four guys live together one of them will pee with the door open. And absolutely everything is better with Cheese.

While most people would agree with me on the topics of bacon and chili fries, I can no prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that cheese can even make a simple greeting better.

This week we take a look and the often puny, usually short and always quality Hello with Cheese.

Show Notes (links to be inserted later today)
The Bean
DJ Coffman
Nate Piekos
Scott Kurtz
Templar Arizona
Riceboy and the Rest
Spike Writes Evan Draws
Brock Heasley
Maps and Legends
Pictures for Sad Children
Bear and Tiger(the Fart Joke)
SMBC (the penis one)
Penny Arcade
Wes Molebash
Garfield minus Garfield
Rip Haywire
Bear Nuts
Imagine This
Pajama Forest
Cheese cast
Red’s Planet
Rigby the Barbarian


4 thoughts on “Digital Strips 212 – Review: Hello with Cheese

  1. Thanks for the review. BTW, the easy address to Hello With Cheese is
    Also, there should be a prev/next button at the bottom of each comic, and a search field on the right sidebar. I have been considering increasing the size of the prev/next buttons, so that they’re easier to use on a phone.

  2. Lee: Sorry we never responded to your email. Surprise, you’re the next Horizon’s Watchee! That was probably more fun than use emailing you back anyway.

    Mike: Glad to hear it. Fun is the most important goal in my mind.

    Darren: Cool, we’ll be sure to mention the easier URL in the next show. I didn’t try your search option, but I’ve never had much luck with them on other comics. I’ll give it a try though.

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