Digital Strips 208 – Horizons Watch: HIKYM and Nathan Sorry

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When we first started doing Horizons Watches all those many years ago, I hoped for a future where listeners would take sides. I wanted to see factions arise, take up arms against each other and battle to the death in the comments section. I wanted those honest and hardworking people who liked my picks and always thought I was right to put up a violent and glorious struggle against the unwashed masses of savages who sided with Mr. Sigler.

So far, this has not happened.

If there were ever an episode to inspire such a revolt, this would be the one however. We have both picked comics that speak to us on very personal levels. If you want to know what I, Steve “The Geek” Shinney stand for, look no further than my pick “How I Killed You Master” and if you want to know what vile eldritch machinery powers Jason “The Midnight Cartooner” Sigler, you’ll fine no better example than “Nathan Sorry.

And so I send out the call to arms. It’s time to choose a side. Are you with Team Steve, or Team Jason. The time is now!

Also the show notes are now!
Good Ship Chronicles
Nerf Now
Awkward Zombie
Harvey awards
Hark a Vagrant
High Moon
Power Out
Sin Titulo
Abominable Charles Christopher
Order of Tales
8-Bit theater
Atomic Robot


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