Digital Strips 207 – Review Hark! a Vagrant

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People always ask why we never (or at least rarely) review the big name strips. I normally mumble something about wanted to give exposure to the little guy and then say I have to use the bathroom where I just sit on the toilet wait for who ever it is to go away.

Now though, I won’t have to do that anymore. I can just point to this episode and tell people that the answers they seek are held within. This week we take on the monolith under which history and hysteria meet on a daily basis that is Kate Beaton’s Hark! a Vagrant. If you’ve never read this strip your in for a treat and if you have you’re probably wondering why we’re so late to the party.

The truth is we’re never late for a party, a party doesn’t start until we arrive. And so you see, Hark a Vagrant wasn’t awesome, until right now.

We do talk a bit about what makes it the success it is and cast some blame upon it for a lot of the drivel it makes us read.

But that’s not all folks. We also take on all comers who dare to suggest that our beloved medium has bitten the dust and learn a whole lot about the exotic ecosystem that is the Idaho High School System. It’s good time, one of my favorite recent shows to be honest.

Here are the show notes for it:
High Moon
Modern Tales
Penny Arcade
Milk Toof
Ctrl Alt Del
Half Pixel
Evil Inc
Dresden Codak
Axe Cop
Doctor McNinja


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