Digital Strips 206 – Book Club: Realm of Atland Ep 3

And the first round of Digital Strips Book Club has come to an epic end, just like Book One of Realm of Atland. We discuss what happened to our dear friends in the strip and why we cared so much about them. Listen in, if you care about us.

Like I said, this is our last episode about Realm of Atland. We’ve already got a pick for the next Book Club series but we’d love some feed back. Do you like this kind of show? Would you like more? Less? Hit us with your best shot in the comments. Don’t worry, we can take it.

Not much in the way of a description, sorry about that. I didn’t get much sleep last night on account of my son constantly kicking me in the balls. I’ll make up for it with a healthy list of show notes. Enjoy.

Show Notes
Alien Swarm
Good Ship Chronicles
Cleopatra in Space
Amity Blamity
Space Time Condominium
Indistinguishable from Magic
Pictures For Sad Children
Johnny Wander
Family Man

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