Digital Strips 197 – Horizon’s Rewind Number 2

Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone? Although in this case they didn’t so much pave paradise as just stop updating it.

We’re getting in the wayback machine once again to take a look at where our horizons picks from a time long gone are now. It’s a strange occurrence, as all from the first show have disappeared into the ethernet, while everything from the second show lives on and goes strong. Along with all this nostalgia we hit the news feeds for another addition of Digital Strips Google News Alerts.

Join us, won’t you for a look at a simpler time with some complex and awesome comics.

Show Notes.
No More Zuda
David Gallaher
Night Owls
Octopus pie
Superhero for a day
Tiny Kitten Teeth
Penny Arcade
Lovecraft is Missing
Rice boy
Order of the Stick
Joe Loves Crappy Movies


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