Badaboom Is The ~NEW~ Comic Sans

This is more of a rant, so the bulk of the conversation will be reserved for an upcoming Digital Strips podcast (new show every Monday or your money back!) but stop… right… now. If you create a comic or are part of the lettering team on a comic, take a moment to review your fonts and typefaces. If Badaboom is among your repertoire, then congratulations, you’ve chosen a versatile font that can be used in a variety of ways and is the perfect comic-book-y font.
If only it could used for good

If, however, Badaboom is your only font, head on over to Blambot where you can pick up a multitude of free fonts for use with dialogue, sound effects, and more and stop ruining the webcomic community.


5 thoughts on “Badaboom Is The ~NEW~ Comic Sans

  1. I agree that Badaboom is freakin’ everywhere. Until recently it was the best free font for a lot of the sound-effects that most folks needed. I think Feast of Flesh was a more popular font before that though. It shows up mostly in title fonts and exclamations all over creation, but it started waning about the same time Badaboom started getting big.

    Want a goo sound font that isn’t badaboom, but IS free? Nate Peikos just came out with “Crash-Landing”. It’s been doing wonders for me!

  2. I say break down and just buy one of Blambot’s pro fonts. They’re not exactly wallet-busting and theyre a lot less used. If you’re serious about making comics then invest in it a little instead of just grabbing the same web freebies a million other people are using.

  3. I love posts like this where it turns out I’m the least crotchety.

    Although variety is always a good thing.

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