Digital Strips 185 – Topicless Dancing Number 1

Because of a certain show that is making a major return on the night of our recording, we weren’t able to do a regular show with preparation and the like. Instead Jason and I step back from the role of the reviewer and just talk. We never just talk anymore. But don’t worry, we mostly just talk about Web comics.

We start with PATV and how while we like it, it’s killed something we liked even more. Not only do I dislike it for all the reasons I mention in the show, but I really miss hearing about the ideas that didn’t go into the final comic and why. DLC was one of the best “How to write comedy” resources out there. You could learn from their process, they’d explain what makes a strip pop and what didn’t. Now it’s just entertainment. Still lots of fun, but no learning.

Next we talk about the iPad. I don’t have any better reasons for what I said. I’m just anti-Apple, which really isn’t fair, but it is fun. And I have Jason to balance me out.

Then we talk about Bill Watterson and his mythic first interview in years.

Finally we do a mini-review of axe-cop and learn that I truly am old and hateful.

Going back through this episode in post-production, I totally come across as the negative douchebag of the week.  But what is the Internet if not a home for negative douchebags? But please, put me in my place. Or just let us know what you think of this format for future shows on occasion. That’s what the comments section is for.

Show Notes:

That guy with the glasses
last unicorn review
D&D podcast
Scott Kurtz
Wil Wheaton
Downloadable Content
Chris Straub
Web Comics Overlook (turns out he didn’t interview them, I was reading to fast, he was quoting this article)

Kate Beaton
Jeff Rowland
Randall Monroe
Ryan North
Chris Ogstan
Bill Watterson Interview
Imagine This
The Interview
Comics Alliance


3 thoughts on “Digital Strips 185 – Topicless Dancing Number 1

  1. This site seems pretty cool. I found you on Blogger and decided to follow, but there was no author listed and I didn’t know how to send a message from there. My website also does reviews and such, but we haven’t been around nearly as long as you. I’ve been thinking about adding a podcast to the site too. I’m going to subscribe to yours and see how things are done!

  2. Glad you found us. We think we’re pretty cool too.

    I checked out your site, looks like you’ve already got things running pretty well. Let us know if you need any help. We’re all about building the community.

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