Digital Strips 184 – Review Boxcar Astronaut

One of these days I’m going to learn that this site is on Eastern time, so when I post after 10, I’m posting in the future or from the past depending on how you look at it.

Speaking of the future, that’s when we’ll all be flying around in space, like astronauts. Speaking of the past, that’s when none of had xBox 360s and had to use our imaginations to keep from going crazy and killing everyone around us. Just like astronauts.

The past and future combine in Boxcar Astronaut. A super kid friendly, gag-a-day strip by Jeff Carter and Marc Lapeirre.  We tqlk about the strip, what it means to review something that has finished it’s run, how important blog posts are to a comic and how cool robots are. It’s a good show, you should check it out.

Show Notes:

Imagine This
Captain Excelsior
Wes Molebash
Penny Arcade
Charles Christopher


3 thoughts on “Digital Strips 184 – Review Boxcar Astronaut

  1. Hi guys, thanks for the review of Boxcar Astronaut. I really enjoyed listening to it, and I’d like to touch on a few things if I could.

    First off, I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t a huge fan of the blog posts, and that a lot of them came off as disingenuous. I can tell you that they weren’t written to try to pump up the comic as the greatest thing ever, or as a pat on our own back, but simply to give a bit of information on where the idea for the particular strips came from and to give some commentary on Marc’s art.

    Marc himself never wrote any of the commentary on the blogs, and any reaction I had as writer to seeing his finished panels (almost shedding a tear, laughing out loud, etc.) was genuine and not hyperbole.

    Next, the proper way to pronounce Diogee’s name is to simply spell out D-O-G. (Don’t worry, no one has pronounced it right yet). Thanks again for all your kind words and perhaps we will run into eachother again at this year’s Weekend in November!

  2. Glad to hear from you, Jeff! Boxcar Astronaut was a great strip and I was sad to see it coming to an end.

    As far as the blog discussion goes, it’s a discussion we’ve been wanting to have for a while now and it’s unfortunate that your comic, being as high quality as it is, got caught up in that discussion.

    However, I greatly appreciate your words on your particular blog and it’s good to hear your intentions behind it. As a fellow creator, I love to see writers and artists get jazzed about their work and it’s good to know you guys are just as excited and genuine as you appeared to be when we met at NEWW.

    Best of luck to you both in the future and keep us up-to-date on all your future projects!

  3. Help! I’m trying to get in touch with Jeff Carter.
    Received a story which I’d like confirnation is not plagiarised from his strip. Can you help me? Please advise.
    Thank you.

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