We all knew this would happen

I would be a total failure of a web comics blogger if I didn’t whip the sleepy new dad gunk out of my eyes and post about this. Penny Arcade, the masters of all things digital are make the transition to reality TV.

Now I’ll be honest. I hate reality TV. As a guy who gave up his dream of being a screen writer, I hate to see TV made without a some one typing madly on keys while worrying about subtext. Plus 95% of reality TV is whining and crying and blurred out boobies, all things that piss me off. So this show already starts out in the whole for me. But on the other hand I love any and all things Penny Arcade. Their podcast, their charity, their other podcast and they even have a comic out there too.

So the up and down cancel out and I’m going to have to judge the show on it’s own merits. I got about 1/2 through the pilot and was so over come with jealousy towards these two men that I had to stop and go back to word editing this month’s Zuda Watch. You guys all do the same and we’ll chat about it in the comments together.


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