Scott Kurtz Lets Us In ~ON~ The Secret Life of Cartoonists

Sure, with webcomics we might all think we’re being cartoonists, but did you know there’s actually a secret world going on, behind-the-scenes, that most of us have never even heard of, let alone secretCartoonistsdreamed about? Now, Scott Kurtz is taking up a bar stool to tell us all about those hidden desires and guarded tales with his latest podcast endeavor, The Secret Life of Cartoonists.

Hear the intrigue! Experience the sordid stories! And listen in as we learn the mystery involved with becoming a successful cartoonist!

Seriously though, if Kurtz can keep rotating through his massive Rolodex of webcomic creators (Gun Show creator KC Green stops by for Episode 3) then this random collection of short stories (fictional or not is your call) could end up being quite the time capsule for the webcomic revolution. And here’s the official description from the PvP site:

It’s been getting more and more difficult for the four members of Halfpixel to align our schedules so that we can record episodes of Webcomics Weekly on a regular basis. While we have a couple episodes in the can (which will go up this week), we’re all blessed with enough work right now that I doubt the WEEKLY part of our title will apply again for a while.

Same goes for the podcast Brad and I were toying with.

But the thing is I really want to do a regular podcast, and I find myself with 15-20 minutes here and there where I could fit in a recording, the problem is that it’s just me. So I started to brainstorm about a podcast I could do solo. And that brainstorming lead to The Secret Life of Cartoonists.

Here’s the elevator pitch: You get a drink or two in me and I can’t stop talking. Not only that, but I got a lot of stories. The Secret Life of cartoonists is a candid conversation overheard at a bar and secretly recorded for your entertainment. It is a podcast for adults.


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