Digital Strips 174 – Zuda Watch Oct 09

So pretty much every web comics blog has already mention that Scott Kurtz has made peace with Zuda, at least in theory. He did a whole big nice write up about how he’s in the process of changing his mind about the contest and wishes the best of luck to all those involved.

There’s been a lot of stuff said on both sides of the fence about the Zuda issue. Some people adore it. Some people fear it. We here at Digital Strips have made no such comments because we have no such feelings. All we do is Watch. Zuda Watch.

Actually, the only statement I feel I’m informed enough to make about Zuda is that it has created a very passionate and lively community and the comics just keep getting better. This was another fun Zuda Watch to prepare for and put together. So go read all the strips, take a listen and lets discuss shall we. The comments button beckons you.

Sites mentioned in this episode:
Hijos de P
Much the Miller’s Son
Doctor Horrible
The Kind you Don’t Bring Home to Mother (Guess who’s coming to dinner as we refer to it in the show)
Rogue Royal
Lovecraft is Missing
Commissioned Comic
Digital Strips Adventures
Captain Excelsior


2 thoughts on “Digital Strips 174 – Zuda Watch Oct 09

  1. hey guys!
    once again thanks for the great comments on my art, and yeah, once again my writing has failed, but i’ll keep on working on that.
    Anyways, to help you with your doubts about my name, I’m just one guy hahaha and the name is pronounced “amankay” like with a “k”.


  2. “Amankay”, got it. I’ll be sure to get it right next time.

    Thanks for listening and thanks for all the great comics you’ve come up with so far. Best of luck in the future.

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