Congrats to all 24 Hour Web Comic Day Participants

So it turns out if you try to get to and you forget to type the ‘S,’ you end up at Least I Could Do. I had no idea those guys were so crafty.

In other news, yesterday was 24 hour comic day. One of those events that are so epic and fun that only the Internet and its community could possibly contain it. I know that Kris Struab and Scott Kurtz participated this year and I’m sure over the next few days we’ll start seeing the fruits of labors done by them and the many other creators who undertook this challenge.

I love this short of super-dedicated, short time, high output creative endeavor. My hat goes off to everyone who tried and the article of clothing of choice to those who finished. I’m a three time NaNoWriMo failure so I know true grit when I see it and 24 hour comic survivors have it in spades.

So super congratulations to everyone who did it and keep your eyes on Digital Strips, I’m sure we’ll find a couple excellent comics that came out of this years event.


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