Creeps, Lowlifes, and Rabble-Rousers Take The Spotlight ~IN~ Chillin’ Like Villains

Are you tired of seeing the heroes get all the attention? Me neither, which is why you should go check out Digital Strips Adventures, now featuring Captain Excelsior!

Ok, so if you are jonesin’ to see antagonists get their time in the spotlight, you should also check out Chillin’ Like Villains by the one-and-only, Ryan Estrada. With this, Estrada’s first daily comic strip, he’s trying something a little bit different…


I’m trying something new with this comic- most webcomics will run for a while, then collect the comics you’ve already read into a book. Well, I’ve got a 100 page buffer, so I’ve decided to put the book for sale on day one. So if you like what you see, you can snag a copy of the book and read half a year ahead!

‘Twere anyone else, I’d say, “Good luck, buddy!” and cheer, albeit in a low-key manner, from the sidelines. But this is Ryan Freakin’ Estrada we’re talkin’ about here! This is ALREADY a success AND the rights to the film, TV show, and regular series have likely already been optioned, or whatever one does with rights once they acquire them.

I’d say go read, but you already did that when I said “new” and “Estrada”, didn’t you?


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