Links: Summer reading edition

One structural problem with webcomics is that most of them are released a page at a time, making it hard to follow a longer story. Two creators have recently changed their schedules to dole out their stories in bigger chunks: Derik Badman will be publishing a month’s worth of Things Change: The Metamorphoses Comic at the beginning of the month, rather than one page three times a week, and he is releasing PDF downloads of the early volumes to make reading the archives easier. (Via ComixTalk.) And Meredith Gran will update Octopus Pie whenever she has a big chunk of story for us, which means the schedule will now be somewhat irregular. (Via Fleen.)

Josh Neufeld talks about A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge with John Hogan at Graphic Novel Reporter, and Larry Cruz reviews the print edition at The Webcomic Overlook.

At Robot 6, JK Parkin talks to Johnny Zito and Tony Trov, creators of the Black Cherry Bombshells, about their road trip to San Diego and back.

And at Comic Book Resources, Shaun Manning talks to Dean Haspiel about ACT-I-VATE and the upcoming ACT-I-VATE Primer.

Do you want to contribute to the sum of all knowledge? A British student is doing a survey of readers of legal and bootleg digital comics, so click and contribute.

Kate Dacey reviews vol. 1 of Bayou, the print edition, at Good Comics for Kids.

Looking for something new to read on your summer vacation? Xaviar Xerxes recommends Trashed, Border Crossings, and Mister Crimson at ComixTalk.


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