Links: New strategies and crazy webcomics

The simple life: Corey Randolph has decided that having four webcomics on four websites was just too much maintenance, so he is consolidating: He is shutting down everything except the main site and putting Barkeater Lake, TOBY, Robot Satan and Greene With Envy on GoComics. He is also rebooting Greene With Envy and slashing prices in the online store. That’s the 411, but you should go read his whole blog post on the topic because it’s worth thinking about his reasoning—this is one of those cases where the standard webcomics model isn’t working, so he’s finding another way. (And it’s not that the comics aren’t good—go check ’em out. I’ll put them up against the funnies in my newspaper any day.)

But if you want to go in the other direction, DJ Coffman has a quick’n’easy tutorial on setting up your own website and hosting your own comics.

In other news, Bill Mitchel of CBR chats up Ryan North.

Brian Heater discusses Top Shelf’s webcomics initiative, Top Shelf 2.0, at AppScout.

Still looking for something to read? The public-spirited folks at have a list of 20 funny webcomics, many of which may already be famliar to you, and Cracked lists ten weird webcomics in The 5 Circles of Baffling Web Comic Hell.


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