Webcomics rock the Harvey awards

The Harvey Awards nominations are up, and as Xaviar Xerxes notes, webcomics did pretty well; if you include webcomics that have migrated to print, the list looks even better:

The Black Cherry Bombshells (Best On-Line Comics Work)
Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule (multiple nominations)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (multiple nominations)
High Moon (Best New Series, Best On-Line Comics Work)
Least I Could Do (Best Cartoonist, Best On-Line Comics Work, Special Award for Humor in Comics)
Love and Capes (Best Cartoonist)
The Night Owls (Best New Series, Best On-Line Comics Work, Best New Talent (Bobby Timony))
PvP (Best On-Line Comics Work)
SuperTron (Best New Series)
Wondermark (Special Award for Humor in Comics, Special Award for Excellence in Presentation)
World of Quest (Best Artist, Best Graphic Album—Original)

… and let’s not forget How to Make Webcomics, which got the nod for Best Biographical, Historical or Journalistic Presentation.

Now, the Harveys have come in for some criticism. This is a natural and expected result of awards nominations, but this year’s Harvey noms seem especially capricious. The problem seems to be that not enough people are voting, so the results are easily skewed by a small group. Adding webcomics to the mix increases the number of potential voters but also the number of potential winners; ultimately, I think, the nominators need to have some sort of list, at least as a starting point. On the bright side, though, they seem to have followed the philosophy I espoused regarding the Eisners and are nominating webcomics in all categories, not just online comics.


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