Left to our own devices: Archie’s here

Over at Robot 6, I talk to Archie Comics editor Steve Oswald about their deal with iVerse to put Archie Comics on the iPhone. Oswald says they have plans to make quite a few comics available that way, and at least one will drop the print edition and go iPhone only.

Robot Comics is launching a line of Creative Commons comics, which will be available for free on iPhone/iPod Touch and Android platforms. The selection includes Cory Doctorow’s Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now, the Japanese webcomic Ubunchu, and Misery Depot.

Interestingly eclectic indy publisher Top Shelf is debuting comics for the Kindle, starting with Andy Runton’s Owly.

Calvin Reid, editor of Publishers Weekly Comics Week, takes the Kindle DX out for a test drive and finds it to be not too much different from the Kindle 2—mainly bigger.

The Kindle DX review blog links to more reviews of the Kindle as comics reader.

UClick has a free Eisner Awards app that lists the nominees and provides background info and sample images. And it will update shortly after the awards are announced on July 24!

Not comics, but tech-related: Mark Sigal takes a look at the rumored Apple tablet and why it would be the technology of choice for aging Boomers (thanks, Mark!) and Fast Company takes a look at how Apple might outflank Amazon in the e-book arena.


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