The Fate Of The Penny Arcade Three-For-All Is Revealed ~AND~ It’s Great News For All

It’s been almost three weeks now since Gabe and Tycho decided to hold a contest, the winner of which would be their next, non-PA mini-series. The results brought about two winners; Lookouts, the tale of a band of young scouts and their fantastical adventures; and Automata, a noir-esque tale featuring a robot detective as the protagonist.


Now, the fate of those two victors stands revealed. As investigated and reported by Gary Tyrrell, Tycho discloses in today’s news post that Automata will be starting the week of San Diego Comic-Con while Lookouts will receive a… different treatment. About a week ago, TychoBrahe Tweeted this juicy tidbit:

Many people have asked who won the voting for the long-form pieces. The answer is “both,” though I’m not prepared to say how yet.10:59 PM Jun 25th from TweetDeck

Tyrrell (fleenguy) followed up with this inquistive Tweet:

@TychoBrahe Just emailed you about that “both”.11:58 PM Jun 25th from TweetDeck in reply to TychoBrahe

From one inquisitive Twit to another, it seemed he was on the scent of a scoop. So it came as no surprise when today, my Google Reader picked up a story from Fleen naming two creators other than Gabe and Tycho as the creators behind the Lookouts mini. It was even more interesting to hear the artist behind the project: none other than Becky Dreistadt, artist of Digital Strips reviewee, Tiny Kitten Teeth! If there’s one painterly-leaning cartoonist artist who is perfectly suited for this, it’s Dreistadt. And writer Oliver Grigsby’s pedigree on Heroes ensures this is going to be something special indeed.

And they’re not even making us wait for the awesomeness; the Lookouts story kicks off on Wednesday! So go soak in the Tiny Kitten Teeth goodness (if the PA linkage hasn’t already crashed their servers) and prepare for a story worth voting for!

Oh, and hope that poor old Jim Darkmagic gets in on the now-weekly DING! fun over at PvP so everyone gets a fair shake of this deal.


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