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We have mocked Dark Horse in the past for putting their webcomics up on MySpace, but there’s no denying that MySpace Dark Horse Presents has been a success, with thousands of readers and two volumes in print. There’s a glitch, though: MySpace laid off 400 people last June, and the folks who worked on the Dark Horse site were among them, so that page has not updated since June 3. ICv2 talks to MSDHP editor Sierra Hahn about the current status of the page and Dark Horse’s decision to host this month’s update on their own site.

Josh Neufeld posts some video of his presentation on How to be an Obscure Alternative Cartoonist Specializing in Real-Life Topics, which I’m sure is of interest to many of us.

Joey Manley continues to document his experiment in return on investment for various ad schemes.

At Newsarama, Chris Arrant talks to Andy Belanger about his new Zuda comic, Bottle of Awesome.

John Hogan talks to Jeremy Love, creator of Bayou, at Graphic Novel Reporter.

Sean Kleefeld follows a Tweet to the supposedly awesome new Wowio 3.0 and is puzzled but not impressed. A comment from a disgruntled unpaid artist suggests that things haven’t changed much.

Art Patient has a big ol’ link post up with lots of reviews and news, and I suggest you check it out. Here are a couple of reviews that I particularly enjoyed:

John Hogan on the print edition of Bayou (Graphic Novel Reporter)
Larry Cruz on Boss Noodle, by Chugworth Academy creator Dave Cheung (The Webcomic Overlook)
Elle Dee on Gisele Lagace’s new webcomic, Eerie Cuties (Storming the Tower)
Larry Cruz on Loyalty & Liberty, a graphic novel of the American Revolution as enacted by cats! Terrifying cats! (The Webcomic Overlook)
RKB on Sin Titulo, a rare critical review of this series (with some good points) (Pigs of the Industry)


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