Links: Opportunities for creators and readers alike!

The Cartoon Art Museum is planning a show called Monsters of Webcomics, which they describe as “a showcase of cutting-edge webcomics work.” They have already selected the ten headliners, but other creators are invited to submit their work for inclusion as well.

And here’s a call from an artist who wants to turn your dreams into webcomics.

David Pepose of Blog@Newsarama interviews Sin Titulo creator Cameron Stewart, and Sean Kleefeld discovers that the comic is coherent when you read it backward as well as forward (and he has an interesting discussion of why that is).

I’m hearing great things about the print version of Bayou. Here’s a Jonathan Kuelein’s review from the Toronto Star.

Speaking of Zuda, Johanna Draper Carlson is not too impressed with what she sees—a lot of the same type of comic, not enough exposition, and a reader that loads slower than molasses in January. David Gallaher pops in in comments with a helpful fix for that last problem.

The Girls Entertainment Network is reviewing the Eisner nominees in various categories; here’s their look at the contenders for Best Digital Comic. (Via Robot 6.)

Tyler Chin-Tanner has some thoughts on Longbox, which supposedly is going to be the iTunes for comics at Broken Frontier. (Discussion question: Isn’t iTunes the iTunes for comics?) (Via The Beat.)

The latest Webcomic Beacon podcast is all about the benefits of going multilingual.

Some new things to try: Scott McCloud describes Neo Mento as “sharp stuff in a readable, innovative format” on his blog. Scott notes a couple of photo comics as well. And check out R&R Comics, a new anthology site that is just getting off the ground, if you want to start reading your comics from the beginning.


2 thoughts on “Links: Opportunities for creators and readers alike!

  1. “Isn’t iTunes the iTunes for comics?”

    I don’t think so. When was the last time you read a comic you downloaded from iTunes?

  2. Umm… last week? I actually read quite a few comics on my iPod Touch, and more are coming out every day.

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