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A Marketplace story on the struggles of newspaper comic strip artists as newspapers lose ground to the web attracted an interesting string of comments from readers, mostly pushing back against the notion that the web will kill comic strips the way it is killing newspapers. The reporter doesn’t seem to have heard of this whole “webcomics” phenomenon, although to give him his due, he appears in the comment string to say his mea culpa. Although Randy Milholland eventually had to intervene, this discussion is less contentious than most and gets fairly nuanced, with people chiming in on the different challenges faced by web and newspapar artists. Also, someone tossed in this helpful Wikipedia list of webcomics artists who are making a living from their art, which makes interesting reading.

Gary Tyrell has an excellent MoCCA wrapup at Fleen. Dave Roman, of the doomed but wonderful Nick Mag, checks in as well. And here’s a big announcement: Becky Cloonan and Hwan Cho will be launching a new webcomic, K.G.B., in September.

Gary also points to an interesting if rather odd site called Comic Hour, in which the proprietor, John Woakes, posts a different, random webcomic from his collection every hour. There is no archive—what you see is what you get, but Gary provides a bit of context, and there’s more in comments.

Sean Kleefeld reviews the steampunk-inspired Sidewise, one of this month’s Zuda entries.

For those in a hurry, Diana Kingston-Gabai rounds up some capsule webcomic reviews at The Savage Critic(s).


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