Least I Could Do: Beginnings First Book Is Available ~AND~ Supplies Are Limited… And Adorable

At approximately midnight last night, Ryan Sohmer, writer of the popular mantastic strip, Least I Could Do, announced that the first collection of the new, more kid-friendly version of Rayne’s adventures in adolescence is available for pre-order. The Calvin and Hobbes-esque tales of protagonist Rayne as a struggling youth are a joy to behold, both because of Rayne’s cute and cuddly innocence (still somewhat intact in his early days) and artist Lar DeSouza’s lighter, painterly style (evidenced after the jump).

The collection contains the first 30 strips and is an oversized format to accomodate the larger-than-usual, Sunday-style strips. The quantity is limited to 500 and could very well be nearly gone or completely wiped out by the time this hits the Interwebs, but that shouldn’t keep you from visiting the site and enjoying the strips in their native habitat.

Cover to LICD: Beginnings: Look At Me!


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