Links: Pimp your webcomic, or find some new ones

Warren Ellis has issued one of his periodic calls to webcomics creators to come forth and show their work at Whitechapel. If you’re a creator, seize the moment; if you’re a reader, check out the thread for some new comics. (Via Robot 6.)

PWCW’s Ada Smith looks at Smith Magazine, which is home to some of the best webcomics on the internet, including AD: After the Deluge and Shooting War.

Ryan Estrada did some spring cleaning at his website and then posted his contribution to the Flight 4 anthology, Mystical Monkey.

Here’s an interesting hybrid: Jim Munroe is publishing the first issue of Sword of My Mouth, his post-rapture story, as a print comic, but issues 2-6 are digital only and available by paid subscription. When it’s all done, he’ll collect the whole set as a print graphic novel. He offers several purchase options, and it will be interesting to see if this model succeeds. (Via Robot 6.)

Joey Manley is rather coy in the intro to this press release about educational computer games, but it involves E-Line Ventures, the parent company of ComicSpace, and it seems like there may be some comics on the way as well.

Johanna Draper Carlson talks to writer Kevin Church and artist Max Riffner about their newly launched webcomic, Lydia, subtitled “A comic strip about corporate culture.”

Shaun Manning interviews two new talents whose work will be debuting on MySpace Dark Horse Presents: Alec Longstreth (R.J. Jr., The Dragon’s Librarian) and Carolyn Main (A Day at the Zoo).

Dark Horse has a Star Wars: The Old Republic webcomic, which helps set the scene for a planned MMORPG set before the opening of the movies.

Recent reviews:

Larry Cruz on Glam (The Webcomic Overlook)
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