Left to our own devices: Where’s Archie?

Dark Horse CEO Mike Richardson talked to ICv2 about his company’s mobile comics strategy. Dark Horse released four of its existing comics for the iPhone last week, using an app they designed themselves. Richardson noted that the company is still tinkering and mentioned Umbrella Academy as a title he’d like to see go mobile. As for putting up their whole catalog, Richardson said, “Someday all of our library will be available in electronic delivery systems, but it may not be all on one system.”

Johanna Draper Carlson reads the press release about the new Archie iPhone comic, but she can’t find the app.

Scott McCloud’s post about how the Kindle is vertical but our eyes are horizontal is brief, but things heat up in the comments section.

The historical drama Tenchijin is being adapted into a yaoi manga for mobile phones. This raises a chicken-and-egg question, as a large proportion of the manga sold for mobile phones is yaoi (male-male romances)—so did they decide to go mobile, and then to bring the boys-love angle in, or vice versa?

Not strictly comics, but related and interesting to boot: Calvin Reid of Publishers Weekly reports in from the Digital Book 2009 conference, and three key points emerge: The e-book audience is largely female, romances are hot, and DRM sucks. Good stuff.


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