Late Night Twitter Exclusivity ~WITH~ Ryan Estrada

Let this be a lesson, kids! Your parents don’t want you to stay up until all hours of the night because then you get to do all the cool stuff you miss when you go to bed on time. 

Case in point? On Monday night, just when I was about to shut down and call it a night, my Tweetdeck updated with a Tweet from Ryan Estrada, who was in a giving mood. He stated:

The first 5 people to tell me what to draw get their drawings drawed!

I seized the opportunity and shot a quick reply. With no immediate reply as to approval/denial of the request, I resumed my shut down protocol and hit the hay. What a grand surprise to wake up to this, the very first fan art for the new Digital Strips Adventures! And before it’s even launched! That’s got to set a precedent, right?


Iconic, no? The Digital Strips Adventures crew, courtesy of Ryan Estrada

Mucho thanks to Estrada for whipping up this image for us and stay tuned for the launch of the comic itself very soon!


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