Links: Joe Infurnari, Gina Biggs, Alexander Danner!

Alexander Danner is back! After being away from the internets for a while, he announced at the ComicSpace blog yesterday that he has restored his archives and has two ongoing series, Gingerbread Houses and Simpleton: A Writer’s Sketchbook.

Christopher Irving talks to Joe Infurnari, whose webcomic The Process was nominated for an Eisner last year.

Johanna Draper Carlson talks to Gina Biggs, creator of the long-running manga-style webcomic Red String. Although Dark Horse dropped the print volumes due to low sales, Gina is self-publishing volume 4 and says she makes as much from the comic as she did working retail (and probably enjoys it a lot more).

Congratulations to Kate Beaton, who won the Douglas Wright award for Best Emerging Talent for her History Comics.

Free on the web: The Midpoint Press blog is posting a page a day from the manga The Obama Story.

Here’s a nice local-paper profile of Zuda artist Adam Atherton. has a slew of nuts-and-bolts articles about the more mundane aspects of making money via webcomics: Copyright and trademark issues, joining a collective, shipping your work, preparing a media kit, and optimizing your Project Wonderful ads.

Les McClane’s Johnny Crossbones is shifting to a daily schedule. (Via Robot 6.)

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