Left to our own devices: IDW goes iDigital

IDW, the third-largest publisher of print comics, has created a new position, director of e-publishing, and hired Jim Webber away from uClick to fill it. That’s the news hook in this PWCW article by Heidi MacDonald, but there’s plenty of food for thought in there, including the fact that IDW expects to sell as many of its Star Trek comics via iTunes as via print—and the print run on their first issue was 15,000. Also, it looks like Apple is moving on a ratings system that would allow more adult content in the iTunes store, so this sort of thing won’t be happening so much.

Bookmark this: ICv2 lists all the comics available on iPhone/iPods. They plan to keep adding and updating, which should make it a useful tool.

Dark Horse joins the growing list of publishers making their comics available on the iPhone with the release of the four-issue series Terminator: Death Valley. Shaun Manning of Comic Book Resources talks to Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson about the hows and whys.

Alterna Comics is jumping on the mobile bandwagon as well, with plans to bring their catalogue, which includes Mr. Scootles, Jesus Hates Zombies, and American Terror: Birth of a Human Smart Bomb, to the Android, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

At PC Magazine, Sascha Segan discusses Apple’s rumored Kindle killer (dubbed the iPad) and why it might not be such a bad thing for Amazon.

Technology watch: BoingBoing has a post about colored ink for e-readers, a necessity if comics are ever to migrate to that platform. (Via ComixTalk.) However, Engadget catches a rumor that PVI, which makes the display for the Kindle as well as the Sony e-reader, is having problems with its colored e-ink technology.


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