Links: Old, new, and in between

Jeremy Love pretty much swept this year’s Glyph Awards, which honor black comics creators; Love’s Bayou, which was one of the first Zuda comics, took top honors for Story of the Year, Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Comic Strip, and Best Female Character. Elsewhere, Sean Kleefeld reviews the print edition of Bayou, paying special attention to the way the horizontal-format comic translates to the printed page.

And here’s more good news: Digital Strips favorite Good Ship Chronicles is back, after being on hiatus for… well, a while anyway, because I think it was on break when we reviewed it last June.

New comic that’s worth a click: Odori Park, a cute family gag strip with a bicultural twist: Mom is Japanese, Dad is American. (Found via ComixTalk.)

At Robot 6, Tim O’Shea talks to Nick Bertozzi about Iraq War Stories, an anthology of stories by the students in class at the School of Visual Arts. Nick is also posting the students’ work at Act-I-Vate, so go take a look.

Chris Andersen, creator of The Ego and the Squid, will do an original piece of art for anyone who donates $10 toward Erin and Noah’s Zero Gravity Wedding. (Disclaimer: Erin and Noah are friends of mine, but I actually found this link on Fleen.)

Also noted at Fleen: Tom Mason interviews Miles Grover, creator of Thinkin’ Lincoln.

Last but not least: Christopher Butcher strongly recommends you read this story arc in Achewood, and he cements the deal with a crafty webcomics analogy.


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  1. Sorry, Chris! I fixed it, and my deepest apologies—as someone whose name is often mangled, I can sympathize!

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