Digital Strips 162 – Zuda Watch May 2009

Digital Strips 162

May was an interesting month for Zuda, but an even more interesting month for Zuda Watch. We don’t have Brigid around to keep us in line so right out of line we go as we battle for our favorites, jeer those we hate and say bad things about each other moms.

Good times, good times.


2 thoughts on “Digital Strips 162 – Zuda Watch May 2009

  1. Thanks for the kind words guys. And yeah, although the strip does have its fans, the general consensus seems to be foul ball. Ah well. Can’t win ’em all. And you were absolutely right about the editing Steve. I had to chop up some longer scenes and I guess the edits were a little too sloppy on my part.

    One minor point though–it’s not set in the 1930’s but the 1890’s. No wonder you didn’t love it! Read it again!!

  2. Good reviews. I shall nod in generally agreement 🙂 Thanks for mentioning that interview you did with David Gallaher, I am going to go check it out now.

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