NEWW Interview ~WITH~ David McGuire of Gastrophobia


There were many people at NEWW who were more than willing to talk about their work and ready and able to do so for minutes, nay HOURS at a time. From what I observed, however, David McGuire is not that sort of creator. But if you know anything about indie comics, be they on the web or offline, then you know McGuire’s name. It is simply a body of work that speaks for itself.

You may also know his current strip, Gastrophobia, about, and I’m quoting McGuire from our interview, “a barbarian single mom in Ancient Greece.” If that doesn’t scream webcomics, I don’t know what does.

So with a working knowledge of the man’s name and his contributions to the art form over the last few years, I plopped down beside McGuire to excise from him some details about Gastrophobia and his webcomics career in general. I knew the questions wouldn’t be the greatest (before turning on the recorder, McGuire simply said, “I’m sorry” to preface what he assumed would be a bad interview) but having now seen a larger smattering of his work, I’m certainly glad I seized the opportunity.

And yes, I did say Webcomics Weekly in the intro. And no, this is not that show. And yes, I will cease and desist with doing so again.


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