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Indigo Kelleigh starts the relaunch of Ellie Connolly, a webcomic that I enjoyed very much in its previous incarnation, despite its brevity (and Bengo, I don’t mind her nose—she’s supposed to be funny and adventuresome, not sexy).

Matt Fraction and Fabio Moon announced yesterday that they are bringing back Casanova as a free, online comic, in color. Judging from bloggers’ reactions, this had better not be an April Fool’s joke. UPDATE: Pwned!

David Goodman has some advice on calculating how big a buffer a webcomics creator should have, and commenters chime in with their own experiences as well, at

And over at the forum Panel and Pixel, webcomics creators discuss how often they update, how many pages they post at a time, and how they get the word out. (Via ComixTalk.)

The Washington Post’s Michael Cavna talks to Scott Kurtz about his use of Twitter and other social networking methods to build an audience.

Marc Alan Fishman explains why you should be reading Garfield Minus Garfield at ComicMix.

You know, a lot of iPhone apps sound kinda dumb, but I like this one: RingTales has an app that allows you to look at New Yorker cartoons on your iPhone. Since they are single-panel cartoons, I would imagine the format would work a bit better than chopped-up comic books, and the fun part is that you can shake the phone to get a new, randomly chosen set of thumbnails.

At the Gillian’s Heart blog, Dave Baxter touts the newest comic for the Google Android platform, Endless Buenos Aires #1.


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