NEWW Interview ~WITH~ Chris Hallbeck of The Book of Biff


Chris Hallbeck represents two things: 1) the end of our NEWW interviews and 2) a creator I was hoping to get to know better of the course of the weekend.

I first came about The Book of Biff during last year’s Webcomic Idol competition, where he was in very good company with some truly outstanding strips. To stand out from that crowd, you had to be a quality comic from the word go and Biff was certainly that, with one panel gag-a-days that offer slightly askew bits of advice via the series protagonist (and only feature star), Biff.

Hallbeck’s was yet another face who I had no previous knowledge of going into NEWW, but his loving wife, Amanda, provided a simple portal to getting to know him. During the aforementioned Friday house party, I sat with Amanda and chatted about life in general while Chris wandered about, schmoozing the best and brightest that webcomics has to offer. Sure, she doesn’t work on the strip DIRECTLY, but it’s always fascinating for me to see the people behind the creators, to see what their perspective is on the whole process. Sadly, I didn’t think to create the Webcomics Wives Club series of interviews until I was well on my way home, but that’s what next year is for, right?

But I did manage, through Amanda, to grab a quick word or two with Chris before the show closed on Sunday. So check in to find out what’s up with those crazy eyebrows of Biff’s and stay tuned for the best well-rounded webcomics coverage out there!


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