Links: Shuster award noms and more!

Here’s a good laugh to end the week: C.B. Cebulski puts his comic S.A.S.E., about the grueling job of submissions editor, online for all to read for free.

At Blog@Newsarama, Henry Chamberlain interviews Box Brown, creator of the webcomic Bellen! and a Xeric award winner; this article was the first time I had seen the news that Bellen! is going to be part of, which is owned by United Features Syndicate.

The list of finalists for the Joe Shuster Awards, which honor the best Canadian comics creators, is up, and the list of webcomics/bandes dessiness web is impressive:

Kate Beaton for Hark! A Vagrant
Michael Cho for Papercut
Lar De Souza and Ryan Sohmer for Least I Could Do and Looking for Group
Kathryn and Stuart Immonen for Moving Pictures
Karl Kerschl for The Abominable Charles Christopher
Gisele Lagace for Menage A 3
Ramón K. Pérez for Kukuburi and Butternut Squash (with Robert Coughler)
Cameron Stewart for Sin Titulo

There’s plenty of good reading in there.

Congratulations to Jon Adams, who has managed to keep Truth Serum going for an entire year! He is celebrating by bringing in some guest artists to contribute to this week’s strips. (Via Robot6)

Here’s a timely review of a topical comic: Sarah Boslaugh reviews Economic Meltdown Funnies, which explains the current economic crisis and, from the looks of it, gets a few yuks in as well.


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