NEWW Interview ~WITH~ Randy Milholland of Something Positive


This was one of those awkward interviews, mostly because I have never read Something Positive or met Randy Milholland before NEWW. Luckily, my plan to arrive Friday and establish my cred as one of the media types covering the weekend was successful and so Randy knew my face when I came around gathering up interviews. Either that or he was incredibly good at faking it.

The good thing is that I don’t really need to talk up the strip to get people to go check it out. Something Positive has long been a staple of many lists cataloging the best in webcomics, and Milholland is very well known in the community. And rightfully so; I can’t tell you how many times I saw him come from behind the table where he sat for a better part of the weekend to give hugs or just chat casually with his fans.

So listen in for my incredibly positive interview with the popular creator and go check out Something Positive to keep up with the latest in Milholland’s world!


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