NEWW Interview ~WITH~ Braden Lamb and Vin LaBate of Kitty Hawk


While it was scary in some ways to finally talk face-to-face with some of the best comics creators out there today, the even SCARIER possibility was that they would remember some silly, off-the-cuff, cred-damaging remark I or one of the other podcasters made during the course of any given show. Such was the case when I came across the creators of Kitty Hawk (previously reviewed in an edition of HorizonsWatch), Braden Lamb and Vin LaBate.

It often happens that we are unsure about how to pronounce certain last names of creators, especially those of the up-and-coming nature. Mr. LaBate (luh-BAIT) falls squarely into that category. Mr. Lamb is also possessive of a name quirk, in that we didn’t believe that to be his true name, just some stage name he’d adopted at one time and stuck with up to the present day. Well, Steve, Brigid, I can tell you that, having been humbled by the man himself, that is indeed his real name.

Also, while credits usually roll along as writer/artist, this is not the case with these fellas. Braden is responsible for both the art AND the original creator role on the strip, hence his first billing, while Vin handles the writing chores. Luckily, after all these gaffes were tossed aside, Braden and Vin were still happy to talk about Kitty Hawk and what the future has in store for these promising creators.


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