Webcomics Weekly: NEWW Edition ~NOW~ Ready For Mass Consumption


The biggest shame of the whole weekend for this lucky reporter was missing out on not one, not two, but ALL of the panels that went on during the NEWW event. But hey, someone had to volunteer to keep people out of that parking lot across the street, am I right? Huh?

In terms of the panels, all were well attended and much enjoyed, though the most buzzed-about feature was easily the Halfpixel crew getting together for the first live taping of Webcomics Weekly. Every creator and fan I came across during NEWW had their own highlight of the panel, so now it’s time to make one of your own. The live panel is now available on the Webcomics.com site. Enjoy it for the first time (like myself) or relive the magic that was made on that fateful day in Easthampton, MA.

Also, join me in playing a fun little game: Where, during this panel, do you think it was that Brad Guigar made this face?



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