NEWW Interview ~WITH~ Steven Cloud of Boy on a Stick and Slither


Hidden on the second floor of the Eastworks building, far away from the hustle and bustle of the first floor creator’s boothes, were the Dumbrella cast of creators. Nestled comfortably in the Dumbrella office space, there sat the group, hard at work selling their latest wares, and greeting every fan who happened by with a smile and a “Wassup?”

It was in this room that I ran into Steven Cloud. Ok, he was behind the table and I basically just walked up and said, “Yo”, but find him I did. The man with a quirky, iconic beard (‘fro on the chin, man) is outdone only by his quirky, iconic strip, Boy on a Stick and Slither. The soft-spoken master of the short-form ironic statement comic graciously opened up to me about everything from marketing techniques to his love for NEWW.

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